During your workday, do you ever experience...

  • Neck or back pain?
  • Tight shoulders?
  • Low energy?
  • Discomfort while sitting?
  • Feeling trapped in one position for hours?
  • Stress, burnout or anxiety?
  • Tension headaches?
  • Lingering stiffness after your workday ends?

You're not alone.

According to a recent study, 41% of Americans have new or increased neck, back or shoulder pain since WFH began in March 2020. 

That's on top of the already 264 million work days lost in the US due to lower back pain ALONE each year.

You'll Learn the Following:

  • Why common posture advice is misguided

  • Why special chairs and posture gadgets won't solve all your problems

  • The important connection between posture, stress and long-term health

  • How to set up several different ergonomic work positions

  • A step-by-step method for for finding a healthy, sustainable sitting posture

  • The four steps for decompression

  • Restorative exercises

  • Mobility tips

  • Tension relief techniques

  • Basic anatomy and how to use your body more efficiently

This Course is Based on Principles of The Alexander Technique

Research on this technique has found many benefits, including:

  • Back Pain Relief

    According to a study published in the British Medical Journal, patients with chronic and recurrent low back pain found significant relief through a series of Alexander Technique lessons, and more lasting benefits than either massage therapy or exercise.

  • Neck Pain Relief

    According to a randomized control trial published in the Annals of Internal Medicine, Alexander Technique lessons led to significant reductions in neck pain and associated disability compared with usual care at 12 months.

  • Improved Breathing

    According to a study published in the Chest Medical Journal, subjects had a statistically significant improvement in standard measures of respiratory function after a series of Alexander Technique lessons.

What Students are Saying

Rob LaHayne, CEO TouchCare Health

"We brought Kevin in to work with our members and it was one of our most popular webinars. His work was timely and valuable as we all struggle with increased sitting and screen time. He shared a ton of actionable tips and ideas and personally, my back felt better after working with him. Anyone interested in helping their team thrive during WFH, or in the office should definitely work with Kevin."

Vince B. Vincent, Associate Head of The Woodhall School

Kevin was incredible. He brings a tender spirit and dedicated soul to the work and you literally feel as though his voice and presence is in the room with you. Every member of our team expressed gratitude and awe at this beautiful gift. This work is important and Kevin is definitely going to end up being one of the top leaders and teachers---so get on his roster of clients before he becomes too booked!

Desk Dynamics Includes:

  • Videos - Lessons that break down the techniques, step-by-step

  • Audio Tracks - Guided meditations that walk you through restorative exercises

  • PDFs - Additional information and research supporting the lessons

  • Assignments - Specific ways to incorporate the work into your daily life

  • Accountability Trackers - To chart your progress and see what's working

  • A Monthly Member Q&A to Address your Specific Concerns

Past Clients Include

At the end of the day, we're all going to spend a TON of our lives sitting and staring at screens

You can either do it habitually and hope for the best, or get the knowledge and training to take control over how you feel.